by greenwater on June 7, 2018




Summer fishing season is in full swing for as and the bite is on.  Lost Coast bottom fish action is full tilt with some monsters hitting the deck.  Salmon and halibut are on tap is well.  It’s game time!



by greenwater on April 8, 2018

Time’s been flying buy.   Guess that must mean it’s been a busy year.   I built a commercial dungeness crab operation this fall and we’re in the process of wrapping up our first season.   It was a huge success.   Striped bass on the Sacramento and Feather rivers are on tap next and I’m starting  on Tuesday.  By late May we’ll be running every day through September on the ocean out of Eureka for salmon, halibut, lingcod, rockfish and crab.   Cheers to another season of fishing and catching.


by greenwater on June 25, 2017

Windy weather kept the Eureka fleet either tied up or close to home for most of the week. California halibut fishing close to home was the best option while the further grounds were torn up by weather.  We fished them 2 days aboard Shellback and had limits both days.  Live bait is proving hard to come by but worth the effort.


by greenwater on June 15, 2017


The Lost Coast is always amazing but the last couole weeks have really been exceptional.  The quality of lingcod is absolutely spectacular.  Easy limits as always and we had 2 30 pound  fish today and 5 between 20 and 30.  Jigs, swimbaits and live baits are all getting it done.  This place is unreal!


by greenwater on May 20, 2017

It’s been a while since my last update but not due to a lack of fishing.  I just wrapped up an awesome spring striped bass season on the Sacramento and Feather rivers.  Lots of water and lots of fish made it a year to remember.  Easy limits were the norm and we capped things off with a 34 pound beast.

Now I’m back in Eureka for the summer and Shellback is ready.  We made our first trip to the Cape Mendocino and the Lost Coast this week and found the incredible bottom fish action the area is so well know for.  Huge lingcod pounding jigs and swimbaits along with easy limits of old growth rockfish.  Huge pacific halibut have been on the bite for those willing to put in the time and everything is lined up for awesome california halibut action in the bay as we round into the heart of summer.

Looking forward to getting on the water with all of you in 2017