December 2007

Back online!

by greenwater on December 7, 2007

Since I got back from Alaska I’ve been having problems with this reports page. Looks like things are back on track now.

Coastal salmon season this year had it’s highs and lows. Long dry spells left the Smith low and fishless for some long stretches but when conditions were right the fish were there. Fortunately when things were dry there were usually other options and fish to be caught.

Winter steelhead season is just begining and I went to the smith yesterday with friends to see if we could get it started. Landed one small fish and hooked and fought one that was in the high teens. After several minutes he managed to wrap up in some willows and break the line. Still fun and its always great to see the first winter steelhead of the year. They are such different creatures than the little summer and fall fish we get on the Trinity and Klamath.

Rain is falling as I write this and with it may come the first good push of winter fish. We’ll see what happens

Best holiday wishes