February 2008

by greenwater on February 18, 2008

Things got a little tougher this weekend with with all the added boat pressure.  There were lots of people up from out of town and most of the guides have pulled off the smith and gone searching for greener pastures.  Still there were fish to be caught.  Saterday we hooked 5 landing 3 and Sunday we landed 2 nice fish.  With the great weather, gorgeous redwood scenery, and abundance of wildlife (deer, bald eagles, otters, osprey ect.) it made for a very nice weekend of fishing despite not having huge scores.


The good times continue!

by greenwater on February 15, 2008

The past few days I’ve been fishing down in humboldt county and it has been very good.  I worked the past 2 days with a 3 boat group.  For the seven people fishing 2 days we landed 43 out of 51 hookups.  A lot of fish were down runners but there were some really fresh ones mixed in. 


Working hard on the smith

by greenwater on February 6, 2008

Well, things are still fairly tough on the Smith.  Some people are blaming it on high water 3 years ago resulting in poor spawing conditions but really you never know.  I fished high water on monday plunking with a 3 boat group for John Klar.  There were five guide boats clusterd together  and everyone had 4 to 6 good bites, it was just a question of getting them to stick.  Unfortunately luck wasn’t on our side and ony one stayed on to make it to the net.      

The next day the river had dropped down to a perfect sidedrifting height and everyone had high hopes from what we had seen the day before.  Unfortunately it didn’t end up the way anyone hoped.  By the end of the day scores were low with quite a few boats reporting in without a fish for their effort.  We ended up with one. 

On a brighter note many of our other rivers have had good action when conditions allow us to get on them.  At this moment they are all a bit high from rain but are dropping fast.  If the rain stays away we should see great fishing again soon.