August 2008

Klamath is Heating Up!

by greenwater on August 18, 2008

Early reports are starting to trickle in from the Klamath and everything points towards a great season.  Steelhead fishing has been good with boats puting together some excellent early season numbers of both halfpounders and adults to 12 lbs.  I’ve heard of fall salmon pushing all the way up to the Trinity already and there are rumors spreading about some giant fish tuning up at the mouth.  I heard of one that went 52 lbs.  I’m finishing up the last two weeks of my Alaska season trying to beat suicidal silvers off jigs and spinners.  I’ll be on the Klamath and Trinity starting September 8th and fishining there until the first heavy rains push us north to the Smith for giant kings, usually sometime in early November.  I’ve still got a handfull of days open so if your looking to get in on this spectacular fishery and put some salmon on the grill, give me a call.