December 2008

by greenwater on December 25, 2008

The rain has finally returned to the north coast and steelhead are flooding into the all our rivers. I fished the Smith on the 23rd with Al Francis of Jacksonville Oregon and within the first hour he landed a dime bright 10 lb wild hen that he opted to released to go spawn. In the afternoon we found a good pod of fish and ended up hooking 3 more landing 2 including a nice hatchery fish for the grill.


by greenwater on December 8, 2008

Well, it’s been almost a month here on the north coast with no significant rainfall and the dry weather has put the skids on what looked to be a bright salmon season on the Smith. With the flows under a 1000 cfs fishing is tough to say the least and most of us have gone looking for fish in other places. The good news is the solid fishing on the Trinity and Klamath. With the rivers at fall flows a little water would help here as well but the halfpounder fishing has been the best anyone has seen in quite a few years and there have been some real nice adults mixed in. We’ve had some days with around 40 halfpounders running up to 3lbs and good numbers of adults from 6 to 12 lbs. I’m still in mourning over our lost salmon season but with the great weather and good fishing its hard to be too depressed.