January 2009

by greenwater on January 25, 2009

The great weather held for another week here on the North Coast and I’ve been chasing steelhead from the Rogue, down to the Eel and east to the Trinity with varied results. I went north on an exploratory trip to Oregon where I fished the Rogue below Agness and found great conditions with very few fish being caught. I saw one adult landed for about 15 boats that were trying everything from sidedrifting roe to backtrolling plugs to plunking. I guess you can’t catch fish when they aren’t there.

The Eel fished well early in the week with scores ranging from 2 to 6 per boat but has started to get a little lower than I like to see it. Most people drifting roe and a fish pill still have a shot to find some fish but it’s getting tougher. The Trinity has been the highlight with solid action every day I was on it. Numbers ranged from 4 adults hooked on the slowest day to 7 on the best and 20 to 40 halfpounders thrown in. It looks like the weather is going to hold and the fishing should continue.


by greenwater on January 19, 2009

We’ve had another great weather week here on the North Coast and some good fishing to go with it. While numbers weren’t huge we had solid fishing every day this week. I spent four of the past five days on the Eel and we landed between 2 and 6 fish each day topped by a gorgeous 18 lb buck that battled for almost 20 minutes. I also spent a day on the Trinity and found good fishing there as well ending up with nice adults between 6 and 10 lbs. It looks like the good weather is going to continue for at least another week and I’m looking forward to getting to spend it close to home on our Humboldt county rivers.