March 2009

by greenwater on March 24, 2009

I apolagize for the lack of reports this season. All in all its been a strange one with the underlying theme being a poor run. While I did put together a fair number of 6 to 8 fish days there were way to many where we were working hard for 1 to 3 shots. For people who were on my call list, I wasn´t blowing you off, I just really never ran into fishing that waranted you investing your time and money. I´d rather bring you up when fishing is good. The one positive to the season was the relative number of 2 year old fish which points to things getting back on track next year. I´ve called it a season and am writing this report from a Hotel in Managua. Nicaragua. Tomorow morning I fly into the rio san Juan for 2 weeks of tarpon fishing and with a little luck will have some stories for you guys next year.