June 2009

Looking ahead

by greenwater on June 18, 2009

I’m up in Alaska right now having having fun with big kings and starting to look ahead to my favorite time of year. September and October on the Klamath and Trinity are in my opinion, as good as salmon and steelhead fishing get. The scenery, abundance of fish, wildlife sightings and remote nature of the area combine to make for a great experience. And while I never completely believe fish and game predictions until they come true, this year is slated to be one for the history books with a huge run of three year old kings and steelhead. The other piece of positive news is the fact the the ocean seems to be full of salmon right now with boiling fish spotted up and down the coast. With the exception of a short 10 day season out of Eureka, none of these fish will be harvested until they hit the Klamath this fall. I’m starting to book prime dates in September and October so let me know early if you want to pin one down.