December 2009

by greenwater on December 23, 2009

Much anticipated rain has returned to the coast putting water in all our rivers and bringing the first wave of those big chrome missiles that haunt our sleepless nights. While there are still a few stray salmon floating around the majority of the run has pushed through and the focus has turned to winter steelhead. After a couple tough seasons on the Smith it looks like it’s off to a more normal start with good numbers riding in on the last rain. It should continue strong for the next couple months. The picture is of a 8 pound Smith hatchery fish I actually got to catch while having a fun day with buddy and guide Curt Wilson. It’s not very often these days that I find myself on the end of a bent rod so it’s a rare treat. Thanks Curt.


by greenwater on December 3, 2009

I’ve been back up on the Smith the past few days fishing what may well be the end of the salmon for this year. The river was rising while we were on it Friday making for a tough bite. It crested at 9 1/2 feet on the upper gauge and got real leafy. Some fish were caught low on the river but I felt like we just couldn’t end up in the right place at the right time. After that the river settled back in and the fish bit well until Tuesday when it just started getting a little too low and clear. We got a jack and missed another bite first thing in the morning and then saw no life for the rest of the float. As a last chance we ran down to tidewater with about an hour of light left and ended up putting 2 nice big fish in the box. Unless we get rain real soon I would imagine the salmon are done. The good news is there have already been some nice steelhead caught and the next rain should bring in a good push. The next few months are prime time. While were waiting for rain I do have some steelhead staked out and have had good fishing. I’d love to tell you where they are but if I print this one my secret won’t last. Come fishing and I’ll show you.