September 2010

by greenwater on September 10, 2010

We’ve seen pretty decent fishing up on my stretch of the Klamath the past few days with good numbers of steelhead and some nice salmon mixed in. The halfpounders have made a solid showing with a dozen or two getting caught every day. The adult steelhead have been a mix of smaller wild fish running 3 to 5 pounds and big hatchery fish going 8 to 11. The salmon haven’t hit full force yet but we’ve been hooking a couple most days. Reports from the mouth have turned positive though and the word was fish were flooding through the mouth earlier this week. I’d expect to see those salmon getting up to me any day.

The picture is of Tracy Hamer of Belmont with her first salmon. She got it sidedrifting roe and a fish pill with me on the Klamath yesterday. She also landed about a dozen halfpounders and a couple nice little wild adult steelhead. At the beginning of the day I was teaching her how to cast and by the end she was a pro. I’m thinking she might be ready to start guiding for me.


by greenwater on September 4, 2010

I just spent my first couple days of the season fishing on the middle Klamath and saw good action. There were solid numbers of jack salmon mixed with adults up into the mid 20 pound range. Steelhead were in the mix as well with both adults up to 8 pounds and halfpounders. Sidedrifting with roe and a fish pill has been the ticket to success but as more adult salmon show up I’m sure plugs will become a good bet as well. Both the Klamath and Trinity rivers will continue to see more fish push in each day. This is always one of my favorite times of year.