November 2010

by greenwater on November 25, 2010

Smith River fishing has got back on track with the rain we’ve had over the past few days. I was back up there on Saturday and launched the boat a little disappointed to find the river hadn’t come up as much as I had hoped. I saw rolling fish at Jed Smith park first thing in the morning but they all appeared to be dark and were reluctant to bite. Our first grab of the morning came a few holes down when Joe Ringer’s kwickfish rod buckled over. He did a great job of waiting on the bite and when I finally told him to lift into it he was bent all the way to the cork on what was clearly a good fish. After 25 minutes of back and forth battle he finally subdued the beast that taped out at 46 1/2 inches long with a 29 1/2 inch girth. All the formulas put it in the low to mid 50 pound range. We rounded out the day with 6 more hookups, landing four of them. All in all, scores were low that day with most boats only doing a fish or two but it just seemed like we were in the right place at the right time all day.

By Sunday morning the Smith had come up another foot and had a hint of color to it so I opted to put in down low and look for fresh fish pushing in. We got a dark one at Ruby first thing in the morning and then didn’t find another good concentration of fish until we got to Bailey. Three passes in a row we landed chromers back bouncing roe with the biggest going in the mid 30 pound range. With our limits in the box my guys opted to leave the area and spend the last part of the day upriver where we could fish in the redwoods. We didn’t end up with any more bites but the beauty of that stretch always makes it worthwhile. Overall scores bounced way back up with most boats getting into good numbers.

Another shot of rain brought the river way up on Tuesday and while it was a little on the high side it’s already settling back into prime shape.


by greenwater on November 20, 2010

For the most part we’ve had another good week of fishing here on the Northcoast. Last night was our first shot of rain in about a week and all our rivers fell out fast. Smith River fishing got tough as it seemed a lot of the fish that entered on the last rain scooted up past the forks and not too many new ones wanted to enter with the low water. The few that were left stuck in the deep holes seemed a little stale and didn’t want to bite well. It took persistence and skill to backbounce up a few grabs.

With the fishing getting tough on the Smith I moved back over to the Trinity River. While the water had been up, the lower river was blown out so we were really flying blind in terms of knowing what was going to be there. Fishing turned out to be pretty good with some late run salmon and lots of halfpounder steelhead but not many adults. The first day we landed 4 kings with the biggest pushing 30 pounds and at least 25 halfpounders. The second I did a different drift and ended up with 6 kings, about a dozen halfpounders and we lost a nice adult steelhead. While they weren’t dime bright, they really weren’t bad looking fish either and made for more fun than working hard on the Smith for a bite or two.

The forecast is calling for rain all weekend which will bring put some water back in all our rivers and bring in some new fish. I’m heading back to the Smith tomorrow.

The picture is of big king I got to catch on a day off with some buddies. It taped out at just shy of 50 pounds.


by greenwater on November 14, 2010

The fantastic fishing continues on the Smith River with big chrome kings hitting the net every day. With the recent dry weather the river is starting to drop out and clear but with all the fish in the system the bite has held up great as long as you adjust your approach. The plug bite has slowed but backbouncing roe in the deep holes has accounted for great numbers and some really big fish. The picture is of Ryan and Erin from Hollywood who fished with me last week holding up a beautiful chrome buck. They landed 7 fish for the day with a couple up in the 30 pound range.


by greenwater on November 6, 2010

We’ve had a great week of fishing here on the North Coast with most of my attention being focused on the Smith River. A big batch of fish came in on the last rain but strangely didn’t bite well on the first day when conditions seemed perfect. We worked hard for our bites and were rewarded with a fish pushing 40 pounds. After that the river dropped out fast and fishing just kept getting better. Yesterday it was really low and gin clear but there were big pods of fish in a few spots and they bit well. We back bounced roe in the deep holes and ended up hooking 10. The picture is of John and Jennnifer Grover with the pair of bright kings they kept yesterday. The forecast is calling for rain this weekend which will bring in another batch and put some flow back in the river. Salmon fishing should stay great through early December.