July 2011

by greenwater on July 26, 2011

The salmon bite has come back down to earth the past few days but fishing is still solid with some really big fish in the mix. Today we had to do some searching but ran into a batch of these brutes in with a pod of feeding whales. I saw the spouts way off in the distance an noticed they weren’t moving but just milling in the same area feeding. Figuring whales know where krill are and salmon like krill I started heading towards them. At trolling speed it took me about 45 minutes to get there but within about 50 yards the first rod slammed down with a big king. At one point we had 9 whales within a stones throw of the boat and a hooked 30 pound king jumping in the middle of them. Fun stuff.


by greenwater on July 23, 2011

A good thing just keeps getting better. After several years of tough ocean salmon fishing or no season at all, 2011 with be remembered as one of the great bites of the decade. Since my last post the fish have gotten bigger and closer to home. I’ve had easy limits for every trip going back at least 10 days now. Even my 4 hour half days have been coming home with a full 2 kings per person which isn’t such an easy thing to do considering the time constraints. Last week the fish were running 18 to 30 pounds and I was catching them as close as 1 mile from the harbor in 60 feet of water. It doesn’t get much better.


by greenwater on July 16, 2011

The ocean salmon bite has busted wide open the past week with limits of big, krill fed kings the norm. I’ve been running south out of Trinidad 6 to 12 miles but the fish seem to be pushing closer each day with great scores reported for the boats fishing right out front this morning. The grade is fantastic with lots of fish in the mid 20 pound range and reports of fish up into the 40′s. This is the one we’ve all been waiting for the past 4 lean years. Salmon are officially back! Today we put our last fish in the box at noon and still had time to round the day off with limits of lingcod to 20 pounds, a few rockfish and 20 dungeness crabs.