October 2011

by greenwater on October 27, 2011

Fishing is still great on the Trinity and Klamath Rivers but bright fish are getting more and more scarce each day. The jacks have been relentless and making for lots of bites and bent rods. On Monday we boated close to 40 of the little guys with a few nicer fish in the mix to 25 pounds. I’m starting to turn my attention to Smith River trophy king salmon in November and it looks like we may get the rain we need to get things started around the 5th of the month. Until then I’m going to do a few more days on the middle Klamath.

The pictures are a little end of the season roundup from the past few weeks


by greenwater on October 19, 2011

While the rain last week seems to have flushed a lot of the fish through the lower river the bite is still holding up strong. I’m not seeing fish everywhere like I was a week ago but there are a few key spots on each section of river I fish where salmon have set up and don’t seem to be leaving. While a lot of the fish aren’t as bright as they were when they first entered, the action has been great. Over on the Klamath I’ve been running into huge numbers of smaller, 3 to 6 pound kings which are either a blessing of curse depending on how you want to look at it. Most days it’s been easy to hook 20, 30 even 40 of them but their sheer numbers and aggressive nature have made it hard to get through to the bigger fish that are mixed in with them. Most days we’ve still been managing a couple in the 20 to 30 pound range and there have been a few adult steelhead mixed in and a decent numbers of halfpounders.

Soon I’ll be starting to turn my attention to trophy kings on the Smith River. The peak of the run is normally in November and I’ll be moving my operation up there as soon as we get enough rain to get it going. I’ve still got 5 open dates for the month.

The picture is Wayne Terry with pair of Klamath Kings he caught with me last week.


by greenwater on October 12, 2011

We’ve had our second significant weather system role through now and river levels have been jumping up and down. A few days have offered less than ideal conditions but we’ve still been able to catch our fish each time out. Last week saw some of the biggest numbers of the season for me after the Klamath River dropped back down from a couple inches of rain. A lot of the fish are starting to color up a bit but there are definitely still some bright ones in the mix. The jacks have been so thick the past few days that it’s actually made it a little difficult to get through to the bigger fish. I never thought I’d be complaining about too many bites but I guess it’s happened. Despite the hordes of aggressive 3 to 6 pounders I’ve been able to get through to some bigger fish in the 25 to 35 pound range. We’re also seeing good steelhead numbers on the Trinity River when I put the time into fishing them but with so many salmon around they’ve been where I’m directing most of my effort.


by greenwater on October 6, 2011

Sorry guys. No picture this week but it’s not for lack of having some to choose from. Life’s busy, busy being on the river everyday and I’m just throwing up a quick update on the run. At this point it’s safe to say it’s been a lot of years since I can remember seeing this many salmon coming up the Trinity and Klamath Rivers. Yesterday I sat and watched a pool while we were relaxing with our limits in the boat and there were literally between 3 and 6 salmon rolling on the surface at any given moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a thousand fish in the hole.

Last night we got our first big blast of rain for the season which arrived a good bit earlier than normal. Today the river was a little high, unsettled and on the rise making the bite tough. Despite the fish being a little difficult to entice today, we saw hundred rolling and did manage to coax enough into bitting to get our limits. The river will drop out within a day or two and the fishing should be right back to fantastic.


by greenwater on October 3, 2011

These reports are starting to sound like a broken record but the bite on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers has still been fantastic. For the most part, any drift you choose is loaded with fish. I did have one day last week where I ended up in a little gap in the run and we only ended up with 3 fish but they were all nice ones going 15 to 18 pounds. It also may not have been a completely fair representation since my guys wanted to pack it in by noon since they’re coolers were already full from the day before when we landed 15 salmon and 4 beautiful steelhead. While the quota is now full for the lower Klamath River we’re still allowed to keep fish up in my area. Despite the closure to adults down near the mouth, there are still guys out fishing and it sounds like there are lots more fish on the way.

The picture is of Kip Johnson with a 32 pound king he caught with me this week on the Trinity River. While fish like that are far more common in November when I start fishing the Smith River, there’s always a few of these big boys around in September and October.