November 2011

by greenwater on November 26, 2011

With the last few storm systems the salmon fishing on the Smith River has come to life. So far we haven’t seen the big numbers and easy limits we were spoiled with last year but as long as there’s water in the river the bite has been solid. Most days I’ve been able to get each of my guys their fish and as we expect from this river, most have been big. The average fish has been running in the low 30 pound range with fish in the 40s not uncommon. The picture is of Jeremy Baker from Santa Cruz who fished with me last week and nailed this beautiful 35 pounder along with one that was it’s twin that he released.


by greenwater on November 16, 2011

Lack of significant rainfall has kept me away from the Smith River for another week but it looks like that’s supposed to change with a the storm scheduled to roll through towards the end of the week. Reports from up there are that there are good numbers of fish in the estuary with a few being caught early each morning before the fishing pressure puts them down. In the meantime I’ve been fishing the Trinity and the numbers have stayed the same while the size of the fish just keeps getting bigger. The picture is of Sarah, who’s finishing up here last year at HSU, with one of 3 fish over 30 pounds she landed with me last week.


by greenwater on November 11, 2011

Just a quick update from my phone. The dry weather has kept me off the Smith other than for a few days this week after the 3 inches that fell over the weekend. There were good fish caught all 3 days I was on it but the bite was never wide open and got progressively tougher each day as the river dropped and cleared. Until the next rain comes I’ll be heading back over to the Trinity which has still been fishing fantastic with some of the biggest fish of the season showing up.