August 2012

by greenwater on August 29, 2012

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The Eureka ocean bite is still going strong but I’ve pulled the jetboat out of the garage and have started to settle into what’s on track to be a salmon season to remember. We’ve had good fishing on the Klamath the last week and more kings are pouring into the system on every tide. All the usual haunts from Blue Creek down to the Glen have chrome bright salmon rolling and splashing. The morning bite’s been hot and heavy with double and triple hookups not uncommon. By midmorning the action slows a bit but with a little diligence there are still willing fish to be coaxed out. Side-drifting roe and a fish pill has been the name of the game with plugs bringing fewer bites but accounting for some big ones.

Look out. Something tells me this one’s going to get real good very soon.


by greenwater on August 14, 2012

What more can I say. Still biting.

The Klamath is starting to get good. I spent a day in the jetboat on Friday when the ocean was lumped up. Lots of summer steelhead and good numbers of salmon. I think the first really big push will show in the next week. I’m ready for it!


by greenwater on August 7, 2012

Still no break in the action. The last few days the salmon have jumped on baits as fast as you could get them in the water. Today was as good as fishing gets. When the dust settled at 12:30 we had limits of salmon to 23 pounds, limits of lingcod to 19 pounds, limits of huge rockfish and two big halibut. It doesn’t get much better.


by greenwater on August 3, 2012

After over two months of legendary salmon fishing, the Eureka king bite is still going full force. In my 17 years of guiding I’ve never seen fishing this good for this long. Most days the best action has been on a southerly tack out of Humboldt Bay. Some mornings the fish are as close as one mile, others we’ve had to run 6 or 8 but the common theme has been limits for over 60 days in a row. They move a little every day but if you find birds and meter bait, the salmon aren’t far.

The halibut action has been a little hit or miss with frequent strong currents making for a tough drift. When things line up right the fish are there and want to bite. I gave it a shot one day last week under perfect conditions and we put limits in the boat for 4 guys in short order. The fish went 12, 24, 40 and 51 pounds.

On the river scene the Klamath is starting to get rolling with some great summer steelhead action and a few salmon starting to run the lower stretches. Blake’s Riffle near Klamath Glen up to Blue Creek has been the center of the action for boats drifting small roe clusters with a Fish Pill. The run forecast is staggering this year and we’re all excited about the next few weeks.

Yesterday we ended our day with a double hookup on big kings that went 28 and 31 pounds. The Picture is of Jono Becker of Laytonville showing of the bigger of the pair.