September 2012

by greenwater on September 28, 2012

The bite’s been good and more fish are still arriving every day. The commercial season finished up on the 23rd of the month making a clear path for all the new arrivals. Despite all the great days we’ve already had, I think the best is still to come. With the Hoopa closure I haven’t been spending any time over on the Trinity side but we’ve had plenty of great action over on the Klamath and that’s where I’ll be staying until the politics change. Halfpounder steelhead numbers seem to be way down this year but there are some big adults around and plenty of salmon. I’m still not able to upload pictures to my blog and with my busy schedule this time of year it may be a little while before I can figure it out. In the meantime I’m still posting pics to Green Water Fishing Adventures Facebook page whenever I get chance. I just put up a nice shot of the big fish of the week that tipped the scales at 37 pounds.


by greenwater on September 17, 2012

The Klamath season has jumped off to the strong start that was anticipated. Huge numbers of salmon poured into the lower river the first week of September making for great fishing. The second week of the month saw counts dip due to the mouth of the river partially sanding over making fish passage difficult. Despite the blockage good numbers of fish are pushing through the shallow waters at the entrance and making it into the river. As we come into bigger tides the sand bar will punch out and the backlog of waiting fish should be spectacular. I’ll be moving up to the middle river tomorrow and I’ve got a strong feeling that a lot of the fish that came in at the beginning of the month will be up there.