October 2012

by greenwater on October 16, 2012

While this year hasn’t turned into the miracle season biologists were predicting for the Klamath Basin, fishing remains solid. I’ve put the jet boat away and have been drifting the Klamath and Trinity for good numbers of salmon with a few adult steelhead mixed in. Most days we’re landing between 5 and 10 salmon for my two or three guys with scores running much higher on a few floats when they really wanted to bite. Check out our facebook page for some recent pics.


Klamath Run

by greenwater on October 9, 2012

While the Klamath run hasn’t lived up to the lofty DFG forecast, we’re still enjoying really solid fishing. The salmon have been running 10 to 20 pounds with a few monsters mixed in like the 37 pound fish we landed last week. I’ve been spending most of my time back-bouncing eggs in the deeper holes and running a few plugs here and there. While not as numerous as the salmon, adult steelhead have been sprinkled into the counts and most days involve at least one encounter. Side drifting roe and a fish pill in the riffles has been the ticket for metalheads running 5 to 10 pounds.