November 2012

by greenwater on November 12, 2012

The Smith is still running low and clear and with the lack of water the bite hasn’t been stelar. The good news is that it looks like we’ve got some rain in the forecast and as flows climb you can bet more big, chrome salmon will be on the way.

I went back to the Trinity for the past few days and though the salmon weren’t particularly bright, they were numerous, willing and some were pretty darn big. We landed a handful of fish that topped the 30 pound mark. Steelhead numbers were also good with a nice sprinkling of 5 to 10 pound adults.

To see a picture of Tiffany’s low water Smith hog from a few days ago and check out all the latest pictures CLICK HERE.


by greenwater on November 1, 2012

It’s transition time here on the Northcoast with my attention turning towards the Smith River as we start to see more regular rainfall. The Klamath came on strong the past couple weeks and though a lot of the fish were colored up, the action was fantastic. On the best days it was one bent rod after the next until everyones arms were sore. The Trinity steelhead bite was about as good as it gets last week with big numbers of fish running a respectable 4 to 10 pounds. Most were wild fish but there were enough clipped ones in the mix to bring a few home for the table. I didn’t spend much time chasing the salmon on the Trinity with all the steelhead around but the little bit I tried for them there were plenty of willing biters. Like the Klamath, the fish had color but the action was fast and furious.

With more rain in the forecast I’ll be heading north to the Smith. There are plenty of big, chrome salmon waiting in tidewater for the next shot of water to push them upriver. Look for this one to fish well for trophy kings all the way into early December.