January 2013

by greenwater on January 24, 2013

IMG_5698 Fishing on the Eel River the past few weeks has been about as good as it gets.  On the best days scores were pushing well into the teens with all the fish being dime bright and just days out of the salt.  The pictures is of one of several double hookups over the last few days.


by greenwater on January 5, 2013

Steelhead season is in full swing here on the north coast and all our rivers are in shape. I’ve spent the past few days on the Chetco where we’ve had good fishing despite the dwindling flows. The beginning of the week saw some huge scores posted and now it’s settled into good, steady fishing for slab chromers fresh out of the salt. Sidedrifting a fish pill with a tiny piece of roe tied to light fluorocarbon leaders has been the key to success.

Despite low, gin clear water the Smith is still kinking out fish and a few boats have even posted some big counts. Pressure is really light now with so many other options and it’s always a treat to float one of the worlds most pristine rivers in solitude.

The Mad had been flirting with fishability for a few days as a slide was making the color bounce in and out. The last couple days she’s been flowing a dirty green and the fish are there in a big way. While you definitely won’t have this river to yourself anytime soon it’s one of the best bets on the coast for a bent rod.

The South Fork of the Eel fished well on the top end last week. The bottom end was still on the dirty side and the Mainstem was out of the question but the Benbow area saw good fishing. Plugging and sidedrifting both accounted for solid numbers.

The forecast for the coming week shows some rain for the northern rivers but it’s not looking like it’s going to amount to a whole lot. The Chetco is predicted to be on a slow rise through the early part of the week while at this point they’re calling for the Smith to be largely unaffected. We might see a little precipitation fall to the south by midweek which could be enough to keeping the Mainstem Eel out of play but shouldn’t put a damper on the South Fork.

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by greenwater on January 2, 2013

I enjoyed a nice break for the holidays from a busy year on the rivers and ocean. After some time to get caught up on all the little chores that build up and spend time with loved ones, I was ready to get back on the river again. With December bringing a long series of storms dumping big rainfall totals it was starting to look like we might have been in for a rough January. Fortunately the weather has turned for the better, rivers are green and chrome steelhead are bitting. The Smith is always the first of our rivers to clear and it gave up solid numbers through the last week. Sidedrifting roe and a fish pill was the ticket for fish running 6 to 15 pounds. The Chetco has also come into play after being out for almost a month straight and despite heavy fishing pressure the action was great. On the best days the hot boats had scores running up into double digits.

The longterm outlook is for relatively stable conditions for the next couple weeks and I’d imagine the fishing will stay good. Unlike salmon, steelhead continue to enter the rivers in even the lowest water and I’ve actually really come to like fishing those conditions. The fish don’t move around much so once you get in the rhythm of whats going on you know where they’re going to be. It was on one of those days last year when we hooked and landed a 20 plus pound Chetco buck in 2 feet of gin clear water. Fun stuff!

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