March 2013

by greenwater on March 11, 2013

IMG_5795The first real rain in almost two months gave all our river a good flush and got fish moving.  While fishing had really been pretty darn good in the low water, a little shuffle of the deck certainly won’t hurt.  The Chetco fished great the last few days with a mix of downrunners and bright ones.  All the southern rivers are dropping back into shape quickly and the Eel is coming up on prime shape.  March is one of my favorite months and typically gives up the best numbers of the year.


by greenwater on March 5, 2013

IMG_5868For the first time in weeks, we’ve got significant rain starting to fall on the north coast.  Despite the dry weather, the steelhead action has been great on the southern rivers.  We’re still seeing fresh fish pumping into all our systems and the current rainfall will surely bring more.  Only four weeks of steelhead season left but there are still plenty of fish to be caught.