June 2013

by greenwater on June 25, 2013



Wide open salmon fishing every day!  Big kings 1 mile from the harbor entrance.  What more could we ask for.  This one went 32 pounds on the scale


by greenwater on June 22, 2013

IMG_6127  The salmon fishing has been like a broken record for the past 3 weeks.  Limits, limits and more limits.  The size range is all across the board from 6 pounds to over 30 which is a really good sign not only for this year but also for the one to follow.  The ocean off Eureka is so full of them right now I’d wager you could go any direction from the harbor entrance and do well.  In addition to the salmon, we’ve been landing some big pacific halibut and done a few rockfish trips that produced easy limits.  Summertime ocean fishing in Eureka is definitely in full swing.