September 2013

by greenwater on September 14, 2013



September is a month with a lot of outdoor options on the North Coast and beautiful weather is the trademark of the season.  I wound down my ocean trips with a run to the blue water for the winged tuna that haunt our coastline in the late summer and fall.  We left the dock at 3 am and had lines in the water at gray-light 50 miles off the beach.  Within minutes reels were screaming and we were hearing the familiar tail beat on the Shellback’s deck.  Action was steady throughout the day with double, triples and quads on the troll punctuated by short bait stops.  When the dust settled the exact count had gotten a little hazy but we know we were over the 50 fish mark for 6 anglers.

With Shellback tied to the dock until we start sport crab trips in November, my attention has turned to the Klamath.  There are new fish entering the river on every tide but things haven’t kicked into high gear yet.  The warm water has fish hung up at the mouth with most seeming reluctant to start the charge upriver.  There are huge clouds of salmon milling around the entrance.  Expect them to go on the move in next few days with cooling weather inland and the fact that their biological clocks are ticking.  Despite the fact that the upriver action hasn’t been as fast paces as we’d like, there are still fish to be caught.  I’ve been putting my guys into kings running 10 to 25 pounds with some beautiful adult steelhead mixed in.  Side-drifting roe and a fish pill through the riffles has been the ticket as the warm water is keeping them out of the deep, slow holes.