by greenwater on June 29, 2014


The consistency of the Eureka salmon fishery has become legendary over the last several years  and this week the bite was full tilt.  A weak front passed over the North Coast bringing light rain and calming the prevailing northwesterly breeze making for a flat ocean.  Hundreds of small boats took advantage of the great weather and most were rewarded for their effort.

The Eureka charter boat fleet made short work of the salmon with limits before 10 am being the norm.  On the best bites, limits flew over the rail in just over a half hour.  Shellback was back to the dock before 9:30 on several days.   The biggest limiting factor was the hoards of shakers that made an appearance towards the end of the week.  While the big ones were still there and ready to play, weeding through a half dozen undersized for every keeper slowed the pace but made for tons of bites, hectic action and lots of bent rods.  It was rare for a trolled bait to last more that two or three minutes without being devoured.

The good weather provided a shot a the world class Cape Mendocino bottom fish action and it was phenomenal.  Big rockfish were easy pickings and The Shellback weighed in some giant lingcod with 5 fish over 20 pounds anchored by a monster 36 pound beast.  Halibut action slipped a notch this week but expect them to get back on track soon.  July is when the flatfish normally kick into high gear.

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