August 2014

by greenwater on August 18, 2014



A quick one here as I’m a bit sleep deprived.  Had a steady but not hot salmon bite for most of the week.  A fish to a fish and half a rod was about the norm until yesterday when the bite really broke loose again about 10 miles north of the harbor entrance.  There’s very little visible sign in the area but the salmon are stuffed with market squid.  The rockfish bite at the Cape has been full tilt like normal but the lingcod action backed down a notch from the quick limits I’ve seen for a lot of the summer.  We still managed some real dandies up to 28 pounds by bouncing swimbaits on the tops of the pinnacles.  Some amazing vermillions have been turning up with biggest weighing 11 pounds!


by greenwater on August 3, 2014

The last week gave up some of the best fishing of the year for the Eureka fleet.   Salmon running 15 to over 30 pounds have been biting fast and furious south of the entrance in 60 to 100 feet of water.  We had easy limits every day this week on Shellback and the key to the game is finding balls of smelt.  Find the right kind of bait, find salmon.  It’s really as simple as that.  While bites have been coming at various depths, downriggers fished on the bottom have been my hot rods and when they rush the shallow lines we’ve had 3 and 4 on at a time.

Several days this week we knocked out our salmon in short order and ran down to Cape Mendocino for phenomenal bottom fish action.  Big rockfish flew over the rail as fast as you  get shrimp flies in the water and lingcod crushed swimbaits and jigs.  On two different days this week we were able to pull of the hat trick with  limits of all three