February 2015

by greenwater on February 28, 2015

It looks like spring is coming early this year and striped bass on the Sacramento River will be starting their big spawning run soon.  April is prime time on this fantastic fishery and I always look forward to the warm weather, great action and awesome striper tacos afterwards.  From Colusa to Verona is the heart of the action and power drifting live minnows on light gear is the ticket.  When the bite’s on triple and quadruple hookups are common.  I can carry 6 people and arrange both private parties and mixed groups.  I have a 4 person minimum to reserve the boat but for smaller groups I can match you up with others.  My weekends are completely sown up already but I do still have some midweek dates scattered throughout the month.

On the home front, we’re getting to the end of what I would consider to be a solid but by no means exceptional steelhead season.   Most of my time was on the Eel and it gave up lots of beautiful fish.  I spent very few days on the Smith and Chetco this year but saw some good action on both when I did venture north.  The quest for these fish is a curious thing.  There’s nothing easy about pursuing them but they have a way of haunting us like few other fish can.  As so many of my regulars can attest, steelhead fever is a tough ailment to cure.