May 2015

by greenwater on May 24, 2015


It’s been a fantastic weather week here on the North Coast and we took advantage of the flat water spending most of our days on the legendary bottom fish grounds of the Lost Coast.  This area rarely disappoints  but it was in exceptionally fine form this week.  We had limits every day of both rockfish and lingcod with reds, china, copper, black, quillback, rosy,  yellowtail, blue, brown, greenling and cabezon all in the mix. The ling bite is as good as I’ve ever seen it with fish to 35 pounds devouring anything that hits the water.  Today we kept 18 (limits) in the first hour so took all the swimbaits off and switched everything over to shrimp flies to keep them off and get the rockfish we need.  We still landed another 20 plus lings.  Four different times we had doubles with one on each hook.  It really doesn’t get any better.
On the salmon front, the bite got tough through the latter part of the week but bounced back in a big way today.  I didn’t chase them but limits were the word from the boats that did and the grade has gotten bigger.  It’s coming into prime time for us and I thing the weeks ahead are going to see some great action.


by greenwater on May 22, 2015


The bottom fish bite is as good as it gets right now!  Today we had 18 lingcod for 6 anglers (limits) in an hour and half.  We let another 15 big lings go before we finished off our limits of rockfish.  The variety was awesome with reds, copper, quillback, china, yellowtail, blue, brown, cabezon and greenling.  Mixed bag at it’s finest.


by greenwater on May 18, 2015

DSC02724Eureka Salmon bite has kicked into high gear!  Limits for all 6 anglers today.  I’ve got a few open seats aboard Shellback towards the end of the week and the weather is great.  It’s go time!!  707 845 9588


by greenwater on May 16, 2015

I’m back from a really fun month of striped bass fishing down on the Sacramento River and we’ve got things ramped up on the salt out of Eureka.  May 1 was our salmon opener and there were definitely fish around right from the beginning but it wasn’t the hot action we’ve all been so spoiled with in this are the last few years.  As a whole, the ocean was a little unsettled and most days the bumpy weather didn’t allow us much opportunity to do much looking around.

In the last week we’ve seen the ocean lay down and the salmon have started to chew.   There are huge balls of krill out in the deeper waters with whales, porpoise, seals, birds and salmon all piling up on the feeding frenzy.   The kings are biting from the surface down to 100 feet on the wire and at times the bite has been hot and heavy.

Rockfish season opened today and we made the run down to Cape Mendocino.  We had wide open action on blacks with good numbers of reds, china, blues and quillback to round out really nice limits for 5 guys to go along with 10 big lingcod.


Summer’s here and the bite’s on!!