June 2015

by greenwater on June 30, 2015


Two days in a row of wide open salmon fishing!  I found the fish heavy on the edge of the eel river canyon yesterday morning when we threw on 12 kings in under an hour.  Huge balls of krill were bubbling up out of the depths and humpback whales were all around us.  We ended the day with a triple hookup when we only needed one more fish.  Today they seemed to spread over a bigger area with the canyon still fishing hot but good scores were also posted closer to the harbor entrance.


by greenwater on June 24, 2015


Flat weather and big fish have been the rule for the last week.  The salmon action hasn’t been full tilt but there are definitely kings to be caught for guys willing to put the time in.  The area is loaded with bait and all the conditions are perfect for more to  be piling into the area.  With the calm ocean we’ve been taking full advantage of the amazing bottom fishing around the Lost Coast and Cape Mendocino.  As some of the most unfished terrain on the west coast the area is absolutely spectacular.  Limits of lingcod have been the norm with quite a few fish breaking the 30 pound mark this season and the rockfish are as wide open as fishing gets.