July 2015

by greenwater on July 31, 2015


Much nicer weather today as the south wind that plagued us yesterday slowed to a whisper.  The ocean was flat and the salmon bit really well.  The boat pressure was really intense today and working in crowded conditions blanketed in thick fog kept everyone on their toes.  We boxed limits of salmon in about 2 1/2 hours and then made a quick play on the bottom fish.  Limits of rockfish came easy but the lings didn’t much want to play.  We landed 3 and called it a day.

The picture is from a few days back when we landed limits of salmon, limits of rockfish, limits of lingcod and limits of crab!  Not an easy feat and it’s always special when that one lines up.


by greenwater on July 30, 2015

We left the dock this morning to hard south wind which made for a tough call in terms of game plan. The fishing has been better towards cape Mendocino but the weather would surely be better to the north. We opted to head down the hill and hoped for the best. Lee made the 20 mile run and started out looking for rockfish to be sure we’d have some meat in the box if the wind ramped up another notch and chased is out. The blacks but fast with a few quillbacks and vermillion one of which I weighed at 11 pounds! With limits under our belt my touch bunch today voted to head out another 4 miles to where the salmon had been but the weather would be questionable today. It was a wet ride but was fishable when we got there and the bite was as hot as it gets. In just over an hour we had 14 kings for limits and pointed shellback towards the harbor. The wind diminished as we slid towards home and the ride home was smooth.


by greenwater on July 26, 2015

The weather is starting to build again but we got today in before the ocean got too bad. We started off on the salmon and the bite was steady. All the right sign was there but the fish hadn’t shown up on it in force yet. We boxed 4 nice kings before my group mentioned that they’d really rather go for bottom fish. The first rock we stopped on bit well with wide open jumbo blacks and some huge reds. From there we bounced our way up the reef finding some lings and scattered rockfish. We ended on one of my favorite rocks with another flurry of wide open blacks. As whole, the reef wasn’t biting to it’s fill potential today but we put together a great box of fish. And on a side note, the salmon did show up to the party in force after we left as I thought they would. All the boats that didn’t do bottom fish ended up with fast limits once they snapped. It doesn’t look like this bad weather is going to last long so we’ll be back on the water Tuesday.


by greenwater on July 25, 2015

Another awesome day. Back to the same area for the salmon hunt and they were awake and ready to bite when we arrived. We kicked the morning off with a double on 20 pounders which set the bar high. The rest weren’t quite as big but the bite was red hot. After limits of salmon we went on the bottom fish hunt but they were a little more fickle than normal. We had to work at it but ended up with 8 lingcod and 50 rockfish. Full coolers and big smiles walked off the boat.


by greenwater on July 24, 2015

Another day, another full box. We were socked in with heavy fog this morning but it broke just outside the jaws to a flat ocean. The Cape salmon bite is still full tilt but there was a huge amount of boat traffic in the area due to the flat weather. Despite the traffic salmon limits for 6 people were fast coming. We had a little fiasco with another boat running over our line while we were fighting a fish but they ended up bringing it all up on their downrigger complete with the 25 pound king and passed it back to us. I guess that’s what you call teamwork? The bottom fish were bitting hot when we first got on them and we had 16 lings and 45 rockfish in under 2 hours but then the current died and the bite quit with it. I’m sure they would have turned back on but the fish box was brimming and we weren’t going to stick around to see. Another epic day!