by greenwater on June 12, 2016

With North Coast salmon season being closed  for the first 2 weeks of June we’ve turned our attention the the incredible Cape Mendocino bottom fishing 17 miles south of the harbor entrance and the action has lived up to the areas larger than life reputation.  Big lings are on the heavy chew and bouncing 7 inch swimbaits over the tops of underwater pinnacles has been the ticket to seriously bent rods. Limits have been easy to come by with lots of fish in the mid teens and some pushing the 30 pound mark.  Rockfish have been chewing up jigs and shrimp flies with enormous reds and coppers between 6 and 8 pounds joining the other mix of china, quillback, yellowtail, blue, black, cabezon and greenling that have been making up our limits.  As a bonus, pacific halibut have been making an appearance as well with quite a few incidentals between 30 and 50 pounds hooked on the lingcod gear.  Mixed bag fishing at it’s finest!


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