by greenwater on June 12, 2016

With North Coast salmon season being closed  for the first 2 weeks of June we’ve turned our attention the the incredible Cape Mendocino bottom fishing 17 miles south of the harbor entrance and the action has lived up to the areas larger than life reputation.  Big lings are on the heavy chew and bouncing 7 inch swimbaits over the tops of underwater pinnacles has been the ticket to seriously bent rods. Limits have been easy to come by with lots of fish in the mid teens and some pushing the 30 pound mark.  Rockfish have been chewing up jigs and shrimp flies with enormous reds and coppers between 6 and 8 pounds joining the other mix of china, quillback, yellowtail, blue, black, cabezon and greenling that have been making up our limits.  As a bonus, pacific halibut have been making an appearance as well with quite a few incidentals between 30 and 50 pounds hooked on the lingcod gear.  Mixed bag fishing at it’s finest!



by greenwater on May 21, 2016

Back on the ocean today out of Eureka after 5 days of wind and rough ocean.  The salmon hadn’t moved far from where we found them on opening day but they slid inside about a mile.  Once we got located the bite was as hot as it gets with every rod that hit the water getting chewed within minutes.  We ended the day with a triple hookup all sliding into the net within seconds of each other.  Limits of jumbo crab rounded out a great day on the water.  It looks like we’re finally coming into a nice weather window through the coming week so expect to see some world class salmon action aboard Shellback in the days ahead.


by greenwater on May 17, 2016


It’s salmon time on the North Coast.  I’m back from an awesome month of striped bass fishing on the Sac and today was our Eureka salmon opener.  With a bad weather forecast only 3 boats crossed the Humboldt Bar in the morning but I was anxious to get a look at what was out there.  Two miles from the harbor entrance there was great sign and we dropped gear in the water.  The first downrigger rod popped the clip a few minutes later and the 2016 season was under way with a shinny king flashing on the surface.  Bites came fast and we had double, triple and ever a quadruple hookup.  Despite having a lot shake the hook, limits were on the boat before 9 am.  King salmon fishing at it’s best!  Our season this year is open the last 2 weeks of May, June and July and the first 2 weeks of August.  Availability is tight June through August but I still have a fair number of open seats for May.   Now’s the time!  Lets go catch ‘em while they’re biting.


by greenwater on January 19, 2016



by greenwater on September 18, 2015

Shellback is tied to the dock until Novemer crab trips start and I’ve been on the lower Klamath for a little over a week now. For the most part the salmon fishing has been really solid. Flows are a little higher than normal this year and the water is cooler than I’ve ever seen it in mid September. both of these factors seem to be making the fish move faster than normal meaning every day is a shuffled deck. A couple days were tough, we’ve had some wide open bites and everything in between. Yesterday we hooked 20 fish before 9:30 and called it a short day. Today we had to work a little harder for them but put limits of nice kings in the box. Good times on one of my favorite rivers on the planet. I love fall on the North Coast!

I’ve been booked solid for the fall but I just had 2 seats come open this coming Monday and Tuesday. Text is the best way to reach me if you want to get in on the action. 707 845 9588.